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Unsolved How to jailbreak ps3 and mod bo2 online

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Hello all:
I am new to this and have the slightest ideas. I cant seem to play online anymore without dealing with mods, quite frankly I aint even mad just jealous. Soooo I have a normal ps3 and was seeing if anyone out there would be kind enough and patient enough to give me step by step on how to jailbreak my ps3 and what to add to play online on bo2 with the menu and not get banned.
For anyone that is willing, I appreciate it, for those that wouldnt, I understand. Thanks to all hope to get some info.
Btw I found this article on jailbreak (https://www.google.com/amp/m.wikihow.com/Jailbreak-a-PS3?amp=1?client=safari) and was wondering if it was the correct way to go, if so whats next. Keep in mind i dont know a lot so please keep it as "English" as possible if you know what I mean

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