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Tutorial How to Jailbreak a Nintendo Switch

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You will need a few things before starting this tutorial as listed below:
  1. A laptop or PC
  2. USB C cable
  3. RCM Jig or paperclip
  4. A pre-patch Switch
If you are needing to check if your Switch has been patched use this site here: https://ismyswitchpatched.com/

Starting off with needing a laptop or PC this is required to boot the switch into the custom firmware. You have to send a payload to the switch while in RCM mode to be able to boot into the custom firmware of your choice. You want to download [Click here to view this link]or download all of your files pre-prepared for you from https://www.sdsetup.com/. Once you have your custom firmware files of choice [look into the different options and find what will match your use case] and TegraRCMGUI you want to put the custom firmware files on the root of your SD card. The two supported filetypes for the SD are EXFat or Fat32 and Fat32 is preferred by many due to EXFat causing issues when running custom firmware at times.

Now that you have the files on your SD card you want to open TegraRCMGUI and download the USB driver in the far right tab to make sure your PC or laptop can communicate with the Nintendo Switch. After you confirm that you have the files on the SD card and you have the USB drivers needed you want to insert the RCM jig on the right side of the Switch where your Joy-Con rail is.
If you are using a paperclip RCM jig then you want to make sure pin 1 & 10 are the only two pins that should touch each other. Once you have your RCM jig in place and your console is powered off you want to tap both the Power and Volume Up button and hold them for just a second to make sure you have done it properly. If you still see a black screen then that is perfect and plug your USB C cable into the bottom of the switch and you should see RCM OK in the bottom left of TegraRCMGUI and it will have a green Switch screen to verify that you have done it correctly. Then you want to locate the payload by using the small folder icon next to Inject Payload to find the payload that you intend to use. Once you have loaded the payload.bin [it can be named other things but needs to end in .bin] you simply want to inject the payload and you should see the splash screen of your custom firmware pop up and you now have your very own modded Switch!

At the time of posting this Team Xecuter does have a Switch Lite exploit but it involves installing a modchip inside of the Switch Lite itself... that is why I have not
included this in the post.

If you encounter any issues or just want a visual to describe the process better a video might suit you better.

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