How to Install Plugins/Mod Menu's [Dash: 17489]

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  1. Alisyion

    Alisyion Nuggets

    Hey, Fellow Sinners!
    Today I'll be showing you My way of installing Plugins or Mod menus!
    Required Tools:
    - XeX Menu 1.1 / 1.2
    - Dashlaunch

    Step 1. Get a USB With 3 GB +
    Step 2. Put Your XeX Menu and Dashlaunch onto the usb!
    Step 3. Download Your Plugin or Mod menu!
    Note: If you're installing mod menus make sure its for the game Current version or the game will freeze on the loading screen.

    Step 4. Put the Plugin onto the USB Along with Dashlaunch and XeX Menu.
    Step 5. Start Up Your console.
    Depending on what type of console you're using the console may take a while to
    start. I'm using a RGH Console.
    Step 6. Once your console has Successfully launched go to Your games and Start up xex menu,

    Step 7. Look to where you've located your Dashlaunch file.
    Step 8. Open up the file and go to installer and then start up the "Default.xex"
    Step 9. Go to the Plugin section at the bottom.
    Note: Some Plugins May Require other plugins to work such as stealth.
    Step 10. Click on any of the plugin slots and locate your plugin.
    I Always put it in the forth slot or the 5th slot
    Step 11. Press RB then look for your HDD and Press X To save.
    Step 12. Wait about 3 Seconds for your console to save the data, Once the 3 seconds is done restart your console.
    Step 13. Once your console has successfully restarted, Go into dashlaunch once again to check to see if the plugins are there.
    If the plugins are there then you've successfully Installed Plugins onto your RGH or JTAG Console!

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  2. Cakes

    Cakes Administrator Administrator

    I wouldn't suggest for you to spoiler every step. It's inefficient and looks silly, imho.
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  3. Noobert

    Noobert RGH/Flashing Support VIP Retired

    I agree with Cakes.

    Just used the ordered list function.
  4. OP

    Alisyion Nuggets

    Alright thanks :smile: Ill change that now lol.
  5. Kxng_axb

    Kxng_axb Newbie

    I tried adding several menus but every time I boot gta5 it goes back to dash or freezes before the sirens

    BTW I have the correct tu but version 9 has 3 copys but it worked before

    And I've tried clearing cache too still did not work

    I used dashlaunch and my plug-ins are set like this:

    Plugin1: xbdm
    Plugin2: (none)
    Plugin3: my mod menu
    Plugin4: RPC
    Plugin5: XDRPC

    Also I do not have a stealth server because I do not plan on going online

    Please help me really confused

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