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Tutorial How to install classic XBOX DLC on JTag RGH

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Hello, I've asked few days ago how to install DLC and I figured it out by myself. There are 2 ways:
1. DLC installer
2. manually (hex edit)
3. simple

Let's start with number 1
You need to make some progress on your save game first

When you do that, find your DLC installer and unzip it. You'll see a folder called (game) DLC installer. If that installer comes with update do these following steps (you need to do this because if you run update installer nothing will happen):

You'll have to create folder in CDXU called content.

Then, copy $u folder from content folder in directory of installer itself to content folder you just created in CDXU.

After that transfer DLC installer to you JTAG/RGH. You can put it in games folder or whatever.

Then restart your freestyle or whatever and go to CDXU folder of DLC installer and simply run default.xbe with file manager.

Wait few moments and you'll see 2 options: install update and reboot XBOX. Press the A button on update and you'll see it installing. When it installs, press big xbox button and go to XBOX 360 home by pressing Y and go to XEX menu and Freestyle.

Then go to DLC installer root directory and run default.xbe from there. Now you'll see options to install DLC(s) and run installer 2 or something like that (this doesn't work, but don't worry, update is already installed). Install your DLCs the same way you installed update. Also when it installs go back to XBOX home and run XEXMenu the Freestyle.

Go and run your XBOX classic game and see if DLC is working. If not try 2nd way

If installer doesn't come with update then simply transfer DLC installer and install it on XBOX. Restart freestyle and find you DLC installer in XBOX classic category and run it. Install DLCs with it and after it installs DLCs simply go back to XBOX home and run Freestyle with XEXmenu again.

Go and check your game if DLCs are working, of not try the 2nd way.

Number 2

Credit goes to fire2050 for this method without DLC installer

You don't need a save game progress for this to work I think

1) For whatever DLC you have edit the game's default.xbe (backup first) file by searching for the string "A7 74 04 6A" and replacing it with "A7 EB 04 6A"

2) Do the same to the default.xbe file found in the game's $U folder in TDATA. (only if DLC comes with update)

3) Transfer game's default.xbe to game dir and $U and $C folders to hdd:\Compatibility\Xbox1\TDATA\(Game TID)\

4) if DLC doesn't work then try copying default.xbe from $U folder you hexedited to game directory. (backup default.xbe from game dir I recommend you)

Number 3

I don't know if this works but this is just simple, same as above just without backuping and hexediting:

Transfer $c and $u folders to hdd:\Compatibility\Xbox1\TDATA\(Game TID)\

If DLC doesn't work then try copying default.xbe from $U folder to game directory. (backup default.xbe from game dir I recommend you).

For me the 1st method worked only. don't know about 2 and 3.
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