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Tutorial How to increase storage space on Android

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We all love storing multimedia files in our mobile phones, be it movies, music or images. So for storing all this, sometimes we may sometimes run out of space but not anymore now as we will be guiding you now on how you can easily increase your internal storage space on your Android phone with cloud storage and not with other means like external SD card etc. So, to fulfill this we will be using the third party software apps like DropBox etc. Please note this all the applications which we will be telling about are absolutely safe. So, let’s proceed and see what are the apps which will help you in extending the memory of your phone.

The top 5 Android storage space extender apps are:


One of the very popular cloud storage space application is DropBox wherein you can extend your phone’s memory by 2GB space which can be extended to 8 GB but the condition to get extra space from 2GB to 8GB will be the referrals. As the name suggests, all you need to do is to just drag and drop the content which you need to store on this cloud based storage app. Also, one of the good things about the drop box is that with this app you can easily sync the contents like files and folders automatically without much hassle.

Zumo Drive:
The next best app after the DropBox is the Zumo Drive with which you can extend your phone’s memory by 2 GB of storage space. But this one comes with many added benefits like it supports many platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android and Palm Pre with which the file managing becomes much more simpler and easier.

And also additionally, this one comes with the in built music player with which you can stream / play the music directly from your Zumo drive account. So, with this you can save a bit of memory space which would otherwise be used by music files.

Sugar Sync
Now, next application is called as the Sugar Sync which offers a huge space of 5 GB for your phone in the free account. With a simple, neat and uncluttered user interface this one seems to be promising but many of the users experienced some sorts of syncing issues with this app, probably in the next minor update will solve the issue and also the USP of this app is the Magic Briefcase and all connected devices.

Also, this app comes with many other added features like remote file access and browsing, local file management, on demand synchronization, shared folders access and also this one has some powerful photo features

The fourth such app is called as Box.Net, this one will be recommended for all those who loves simple interface with no complications what so ever, just sync and upload the files you want it. After you have login to the app, you can access or upload files to your web folder.
The main drawback of this application is that this one comes with 5 GB of storage but just with an individual file size limit of mere 25 MB or else if you want to go for a bigger plan then you need to pay around 15$/user after which you can have an individual file size limit of 2GB and 500 GB of total web storage. After you have login to the app, you can access or upload files to your web folder.

Last but not the least the sorami app gives you the freedom of 25 GB of free storage space, the only bad thing with this app is that it’s completely a web based tool and don’t offer any tool so that users can access it from desktop or from laptop.​



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