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Tutorial how to get [email protected] maps online agin 2 new ways

T x C easter

T x C easter

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ok so here is a step by step tut on how to get your [email protected] map packs for black ops back online once agin
1)2 controllers
2)good skills at listing
1)be on the dashboard
2)sing in to regular account with first controller
3)grab your second controller
4)sing in to blak ops taco NOTE "your dashboard will re-dashboard"
5)with second controller launch black ops
5)when it says "freinds playing call of duty black ops" or when the film starts to roll
6)sing out of black ops taco count to like 5 then push the midded button the big x befor is sings out or it wont work this is the hard part
7)grab your first controller push start > zombies > xboxlive > findmatch > classic see if it lets you find a match on classic zombies if it gives you the white screen you messed up on the middel button part enjoy

WAY #2
1)be singed on your account
grab second controller then star black ops now when the game sarts and the film starts to play or when it says "freinds playing call of duty black ops" sing IN
2)with the second controller push start if you get a black screen good it you dont go to zombies and click xbox live with the blak ops taco when you get the black screen sing out then push the middel button after like 5 seconds like the last one now with first controller do every thing else
hoope i have helped sorry no video but i did spent hours trying to figue out how to get the maps back online i only take creit for the first way sorry bout any mastakes in spelling i did not feel like going back and checking enjoy


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there was also a third way, buying the Hardened or Prestige Editions, you forgot to mention this will potentially get you banned.

Also why do you need to do a lot of singing
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