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Tutorial How to get tier 100 quickly/rank up fast



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This may not help some people but i thought i'd make this for people who may find it useful/struggling to rank up

Firefight is good for getting xp if you completed all pve challenges
I recommend you untick the other firefight gametypes, untick odst and only tick
sniperfight and 4 players as it usually doesn't last too long

For the firefighter challenge just play 2 games of sniperfight

I recommend playing nightfall and headshotting the first elite with the sniper
then keep reverting checkpoint and headshotting till its done

Narrative Navigator
Finish Winter Contingency on normal 4 times shouldnt take too long

This video shows how to skip a bit of the first part of the mission

Finish Winter Contingency twice but i would get a plasma pistol from a grunt, if you see a elite lower it shields with it
then use whatever weapon to kill it

Either put on tough luck or tilt and finish Winter Contingency once

Change Of Scenery
Play Halo 3 and do Sierra 117 on normal 3 times

Heavy Mettle
Play the mission the package and use the scorpion to kill the ghosts/banshees then revert checkpoint till its done

Delta Droppings
Play outskirts on normal and enable the sputnik skull so you go higher with grenade jumping

The video shows you how to skip a lil bit of the first part of the mission

For Deadye Dealin
What i would do is go on forge on guardian on halo 3, delete all the spawn points and put 2 in the middle
of the map and then save it then use in a custom game
make the score to 25, go to general settings > player traits > weapons and give yourself sniper rifle then just make the respawn time to instant
then just kill your friend/other controller 25 times
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