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Working How to GET the SATELLITE in YOUR MULTIPLAYER CLASSES on Black Ops 3!



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Hello everyone,
Here's the full tutorial on how to do get the Satellite in your Multiplayer Classes on BO3!

Steps :
- First of all, go to your settings & delete your BO3 Save (It's only your Offline save, it will only reset your sensibility)
- Then disconnect Internet & start BO3
- Now reconnect Internet
- Press Play Online, Press back & Press Menu
- Once you're in the Online Menu with the Menu in the Background, Press Back & X quickly
- Go back to the online menu & do it again
- Now go to Multiplayer / Custom Games / Social / Groups / Search / JuggerV2 (It's not available on Xbox yet, when the group will be created with the gamemode I will let you know in the pinned comment)
- Click on the Group, go to showcase / Favorite & load the "Satellite" gamemode
- Go to Setup Game / Edit Game Rules / Create a Class / Edit Preset Classes
- Now add a camo to the Satellite & press back 6 times
- Connect your Second controller (If you don't have one, Download PS4 Remote Play on IOS or Android)
- With your second controller, press Create a class
- With your first controller, press X, then press back & press Save
- Still with your first controller, press X and create another variant
- Press right, press Menu and copy. Copy it 4 times
- Close Black Ops 3 & switch to your second account
- Delete your BO3 Save, Disconnect Internet & Launch BO3
- Now reconnect Internet
- Press Play Online, Press back & Press Menu
- Make sure to create at least 5 variants of 5 weapons
- Go to Multiplayer / Public Match & connect your second controller (Main account)
- Press Menu with your second controller, and delete all your variants. Keep only 2 Kudas and the Satellites
- Press create a class with your second controller and go to your kuda variants
- With your first controller, press X twice
- With your second press Back twice
- You can now press X with your second and look for the satellite in your variants and equip it!
- Make sure to start a game to save it :smile:

🔗 Founder/Credit For This Glitch:
- JuggerV2 (http://bit.ly/2tYs53J)


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Always finding the OP glitches

great find my man!

Edit- get it on Xbox asapppp
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