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Patched How To Get Tan CEO Armor With Green, Purple, & Orange Joggers With SP To MP Transfer Glitch



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Yo guys this is limited time only while christmas DLC is here!!!
Do this now so you can have these awesome outfits!!!
This will no longer work because the Christmas pants are no longer in the game.
  1. First thing you need to do is get one of the Work Dispute outfits (Oppressor mission) red or black joggers with CEO armor either one will work. (We will be turning this into green joggers)
  2. You also need the orange and purple joggers with the black CEO body armor from the adversary mode Occupy.
  3. Transfer these to the female
  4. Start up crooked cop and select the red/black jogger outfit, once it starts up leave without changing anything.
  5. Start up a rockstar created mission like Titan and put on merge gloves and merge boots. Don't save it yet.
  6. When you get to freemode the invisible pants will be santa pants and you will be wearing a long black overcoat and black bra. The merge gloves will change or come off so re apply them and save this as your green outfit.
  7. For the purple and orange joggers you are going to start crooked cop and select the outfit then put merge gloves on in interaction menu and back out.
  8. Once in free mode the gloves will change or come off so re apply merge gloves and also you will have the long black overcoat and black bra just save them and transfer back to the male.
  9. Once you have done all that the rest is the same as merging any other outfits! :smile:
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