HOW to get mods onto halo 3

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    uhhh ok i download the mods for this site(or the from the links from this site) and then waht, how do i play them if there on my computer? just a question from a new dude here.hehe.

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    you need to get a transfer cable from MS and plug your HDD in to that then move them to your HDD
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    or an Xport or xsata

    also the maps wont work after the update
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    SEARCH TUTORIAL, READ! :cursing:
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    [Click here to view the link], [Click here to view the link], or the Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Cable
    [Click here to view the link] (If you don't already have it)
    The latest versions of [Click here to view the link] and/or [Click here to view the link]

    [Click here to view the link]
    [Click here to view the link]
    [Click here to view the link]
    Xbox 360
    Halo 3
    Xbox 360 Hard Drive (20Gb or 120Gb) and/or Memory Card

    Now open the "Xbox CON Hasher"
    Click "Hash Container File" then select your usermap, then hit "Ok"
    Close out of the "Xbox CON Hasher"
    Open up the "CON Resigner"
    Click "Open Con File". Select your Usermap. Then hit "Ok".
    Close out of the "CON Resigner"
    Go back to XPort 360. Drag and drop the map from your desktop back to the list of data.
    Remove your storage device.
    Plug your storage device back into your Xbox 360.
    Load up Halo 3 and start you map. If all went well it should load good.

    Plug in your XSATA, XPORT, or Transfer Cable to your storage device.
    Now open up XPort 360 and you should be prompted by window that asks you to "Select HDD or Memory Card Device" Select your Hard Drive
    Then on the Left hand side you will click on your device name.
    Then on the left-hand side you will see: Partition 1, Partition 2, and Partition 3. Click on Partition 3.
    Then click on: Content (User profiles, saves, etc); (Select your Profile that you saved map to.); Halo 3; 00000001.
    You will now see files labeled: clip, film, koth, oddball, screenshot, slayer, and/or usermap.
    Once found, "Drag and Drop" the file from your desktop into the file.

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