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Working How to GET MODDED CLASSES & UNLIMITED RIPPER on Black Ops 3! (BO3 Class Glitch 2020)

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Hello everyone,
Here's the full tutorial on how to get modded classes & unlimited ripper on BO3 Multiplayer!

Steps :
- First of all, go to your settings & disconnect internet
- Then start BO3
- Once you're on this screen, turn back on Internet
- Press "Play Online" and again "Play Online", then press "Back" and "Menu"
- Now you're gonna have to calculate the time it takes you to connect to the servers
- As soon as your press Play online, start a timer
- Once you've done that, close BO3 & disconnect internet again
- Click on zombies & reconnect internet
- Press play online & start a timer at the same time
- Now remember the number you got the first time. Then, you need to select campaign 2 seconds before the original time and press start game quickly.
- It took me 21 seconds the first time so I pressed campaign at 19 seconds
- If that worked correctly you will get kicked from the game during the cutscene

Next part of the glitch is really weird, basically you need to glitch out your game
- Use 2 controllers & I go in every menus of the game with both controllers, Gunsmith, create a class, camos, zombies, gobblegums, weapons kit, dr monty's factory...
- It usually takes me about 15 minutes to do it
- You will know that you've done it when some menus will be super glitchy
- To get unlimited ripper, equip a specialist ability as your secondary weapon
- You can't equip specialist weapons in public match but you can in custom games
- Now first of all to save your classes, start a game in custom
- Then restart your game
- Go to the Zombies menu & join someone that is in a public match game
- You don't have to do that every time, once you've done it your classes will stay forever
- Do not ever choose a glitched class when you first spawn or your game will crash
- To get unlimited ripper, wait until you unlock the ripper and the specialist ability & press R1 + L1

🔗 Founder/Credit For This Glitch:
- JuggerV2 (http://bit.ly/2tYs53J)

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Thank you I will definitely check this out. I don't play much on PC but this would be cool to mess around with.


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Whoaa Jugger out here breaking the game. I love it
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