How to get Gears of War Seriously 1.0 (Post NXE)

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    CONFIRMATION: While I have no way to visually show you guys. Yes, it did work for me, however I did it a different way.

    NOTE: It DID NOT work for me until I had gotten to a checkpoint on the account I want Seriously on.

    1. Auto Login Profile with Seriously (Legit or Non Legit)
    2. System Settings -> Startup -> Disc
    3. Turn Off Xbox
    4. Watch Videos on YouTube, this slows down your internet and prevents a Quick Sign in (A LOT at the same time)
    5. Mute them
    6. Turn on your Xbox
    7. Once the Screen goes Black Press the Guide Button so the guide comes up, press the X button.
    8. Hover over the Name you want Seriously on, once it logs you in on your Seriously Account, wait until it starts to close, then sign in on your Account you want Seriously on.
    9. Once you are signed in it should tell you that all the Chapters are Unlocked on Insane, just go through the last level of each Act and reload checkpoint and boom Achievement(s) Unlocked
    10. For Seriously itself, play through a ranked match
    11. I played through a 1 Round Match with another Controller on Bullet Marsh and got no Points, I did it again on a 4 Round Match and I got the achievement.



    Video I got from YouTube that helps somewhat, just follow exactly along with my directions


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