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Tutorial How to get free followers on Xbox

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If you want free followers on xbox you can get them pretty easily by using a program called Xbox Live Account Tool. It's a program made by Microsoft so it is easier for developers to do things with test accounts but some of the features work on retail accounts as it says here
You can get the tool from their [Click here to view this link] and I reccommend getting version 2002-20200228-003 because there are no bugs for the features we are using this for.

When you have downloaded the tool you will want to execute the XboxLiveAccountTool.exe
then you will want to log into a microsoft account, I reccomend using an alt account for starters until you've gotten used to it a little bit but thats up to you.

Once you've signed in if you have any friends you don't want to accidentally delete then favorite your entire friends list in the people tab by clicking on one then pressing CTRL + A to select them all and then click favorite
(you only need to do this if your account has friends)

Then you will want to go to the follow tab and import some XUIDs!

Then you will want to wait a couple of minutes and then highlight all the people you want to unfollow and people will see you added them in their recent notifications on xbox and they add you back some of the time.
I will be writing a seperate tutorial on how to scrape for XUIDs and I will be posting it but for the time being I will link some XUIDs here for you.
here are 500k+ XUIDs that I dumped from Xbox Live+Scan, what you will need to do is seperate the lines into groups of one thousand XUIDs and then import them into the program, then you will need to add and delete them in batches like that, don't do the same list over and over again as you are more likely to get more friends if you use fresh lists that aren't used as often and if you use the same list people may get annoyed.


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still works, sometimes people using this method add me who ive never played with or even messaged once
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