Tutorial [How-to] Get Flipnote Hatena Back (Sudomemo)

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How to get Flipnote Hatena Back

On May 31st, 2013; Flipnote Hatena was shut down. People like me were waiting for Flipnote Studio 3D in late August, Early September. I had my 3DS taken up due to something that happened. I thought I'd never be able to make flipnotes and upload them again... until now.
I figured this out yesterday. Here are the steps to get Flipnote Hatena Back on DSi (It's made by Sudofox (Austin Burk).
While doing this, you may encounter a error message when clicking Flipnote Hatena, just click whatever you clicked before, again.


  1. Go to DSi System Settings
  2. Scroll over to to the 3rd Page and Click "Internet".
  3. Then, Click "Connection Settings"
  4. If any of these are the Wi-Fi Network you're using now clear it.
  5. Go to Advanced (or whatever it says w/ Advanced)
  6. If any of these are your Wi-Fi Network you are using now, clear it.
  7. Click one of the Wi-Fi Spots and Connect to your Network.
  8. Once Done, Go to Change Settings and scroll over til' you see Proxy.
  9. Click Yes and then Detailed Setup.
  10. THIS PART IS IMPORTANT: Put in for proxy server: ds.sudomemo.net AND for the Port put 80.
  11. Save the settings and do connection test.
  12. Go to Flipnote Studio, Click Flipnote Hatena and Enjoy. (If it has an error message, click it again.


How-To Video: [I'm gonna make and upload my own soon but here is the video tutorial}:



Sudomemo Site:

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