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Tutorial How To Flash Phat Drives in 2021 No Special Tools!

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Flash Phat Drives in 2021 No Special Tools!​

This guide excludes Lite-on drives as I'm unfamiliar with probing but this guide can be applied to those drives as well.

Requirements: Flash drive 4gb or less, HP Boot Disk Maker, Windows 98 files, and Dos Flash V2.0

1. Launch HP Boot Disk Maker.

2. Select flash drive.

3. Select Windows 98 Files.

4. Select begin.

5. Once it's done drag the same Windows98 files onto your flash drive I renamed mine Windows98.

6. Download Dos Flash V2.0, extract it, and you should see a folder named "Dos Flash 16" drag that folder onto your flash drive.

7. Make sure the Xbox 360 is on you don't want it to turn off during the flashing process!

8. Connect the drive to your computers SATA port, or one of those VTA 6241 cards.

9. Prop the drive halfway open, turn off the Xbox, turn it back on, and your drive should stay half way open now.

10. Go to your BIOS underneath your SATA settings select IDE mode this is crucial or the computer won't know what's going on.

11. Boot from the flash drive.

12. On the command line type in dosflash

13. You will be presented with a screen that shows you all the drives in your PC, and make sure you select the number for the Xbox DVD drive!

14. There will now be a series of options, simply type R, it'll ask you what to name the file, name it ORIG.BIN and keep this file in a safe place!

15. Horary you got them drive keys!

16. Load your unique key into Jungle Flasher then spoof that key to LT 3.0, save it to your computer, drag it to your flash drive, and go back to Dos Flash.

17. Press E to erase.

18. Once it's done press W.

19. When it asks you what you want to select make sure you type in the name of the CFW file from Jungleflasher eg.cfw.bin

20. Success! Now plug your drive back into the Xbox, try to play a flashed game disc.

Hope this tutorial was useful to anyone looking to flash their drive without any special tools, if you setup isn't compatible with this method get a VTA 6241 card.
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I got my stuff from bleeping computer, extreme overclocking, and digiex.


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