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Tutorial How to flash a Xbox 360 LiteOn DVD Drive with DosFlash v2.0

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schwartz za

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trexpro48 said:
So I have a question :biggrin: I am setting up to flash my drive only to find out I had the Lite-on :frown: So I have another xbox 360 that is banned but it has a BenQ drive so could I just use that drive to flash and put it in my unbanned xbox? Thanks for any responses.

If you are talking about 'switching' drives then it is not possible


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I was wondering, since I'm not completely familiar with computer motherboards and dvd drives, is it possible to obtain a dvd drive that is already flashed and swap it out with my regular drive?


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Probe is only used for a lite-on's first flash after that the probe is no longer needed for it.
Yes you can power all drives with the CK3
You need the dvd keys because without them. Your xbox will not play games at all. Only DVD's. It is a good idea to keep them incase something ever goes wrong with the flashed drive.

The probe is only needed for the lite-on on the first flash. After that it is no longer needed.

Thankks Bro helped A LOT.
Twist3d Nova


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Ok i downloaded BOTH files and my virus scanner caught a Trojan labeled W32.IrcBrute.


So ummm... WTF?


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Here you can learn how to flash your Xbox 360 Lite-on DVD Drive.

This is an addition to AzzidReign's tutorial using DosFlash v1.8.
This addition was made by EclipseModz.

This will work for 32-bit and 64-bit OS's. For 64-bit Vista and Win7 users refer to Azzid's tutorial before you start here.

VIA Sata Card with Chipset 6421 (bought cheap on eBay)
Sata cable - to connect your 360 drive to your VIA chip
DosFlash 1.8 & Jungle Flasher
Maximus Xtractor360 with spear or Xecuter CK3 Pro with probe
Ixtreme 1.6 Firmware - Get from Xbins

This is a Continuation of Azzid's tutorial showing how to flash your Lite-on and starts from "Reading your Xbox 360 Drive" in Azzid's tutorial. It will begin from Step 2.

Before we start make a folder on your desktop named "LiteOn Backup". This is where you will save your dump.

If you are running Vista or Win7 right click Dosflash and select "Run as Administrator".
1. It will open and you will be shown this screen.

It is asking to resend the command until the drive responds. Click No because the lite-on is locked and will not respond to the MTK Vendor Intro.

2. Now it may switch ports on you. Don't panic just in the drop down box at the top select the right port that your drive is connected to. You will then see this on your screen.

3. In the "Flashing Task" drop down box. Select the "LiteOn DVDKey" option. This is what your screen should look like.

4. Click LiteOn DvdKey and it will ask you where you would like to save the files. Remember that folder I had you make at the beginning? Navigate to that folder and save the files there. Once you select where to save all the files. You will see this screen.***DO NOT CLICK "YES" YET***

You need to now eject your tray halfway manually. Here is how.

Where the red arrow is pointing is the part that you need to push towards the left. It will unlock the drive and eject the tray and keep the "closed" status. Pull the tray halfway out.

Now you need to get your probe into the R707 hole so you can read the key. Here is a picture of the hole. Put your probe in the hole that the TxD arrow is pointing to. Keep it there the whole time that it is reading the files and key.

Now once your probe is in the R707 hole you can click ok and it will start to read the key and files.

5. Once your key has been fully read and the files have been read you will see this. If you do not have 10 "Valids" then do not continue. You need to re-extract until you get all 10 Valid.

Click ok. Now its time to unlock and erase the drive.

6. In the "Flashing Task" drop down box. Select LiteOn Erase as the task. Screen should look like this.

Now click LiteOn Erase. If the erase is successful you will be shown this screen.

7. Now close DosFlash. You have to close it! If you don't you will only be returned with a "No flash chip properties" when you try to write to the drive. It will ask you if you would like to enable all of your dvd drives. Just select yes.

Now its time to make the modded firmware. You can learn how to make the firmware in Azzid's tutorial.
Start at "Writing the Modded Firmware to your 360 Drive"

Instead of the "orig.bin" that is in Azzid's tutorial. Yours is named "dummy.bin".
After step 6 in the "Writing the Modded Firmware to your 360 Drive" part of the tutorial come back to this one. DO NOT GO PAST STEP 6 IN AZZID'S TUT!

8. Now open DosFlash again. Remember if you are using Vista or 7 you need to right click and run as Admin. When it opens you will be shown this screen again.

Now this time you will select "Yes". Reason is because the drive is now unlocked and will respond to the MTK Vendor Intro. You should be taken back to the normal screen that you have been using the whole time. Remember it might switch ports on you. If so just select the right port that is connected to your lite-on.

9. Now that you have the modded firmware made and drive is unlocked it is time to flash it like any other drive. In the "Flashing Task" drop down box select the Write option. This is what your screen should look like at this point.

Now click the Write Flash button. It will now ask for you to select your modded firmware. Navigate to where you saved your modded firmware and open it and it will start flashing the firmware to the drive. This is what you will get if your flash is successful.

Congratulations you have successfully flashed your Xbox 360 Lite-On drive.
please explain step 4. doesn't need power to dvd drive. what is the probe and what i want to do with circuit?


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i can't get dvd key.. there is error coming can't get first serial number what is the reason?


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I've updated this tutorial with working links. Updated 1 of the images (that I believe is the one that went missing). The only thing I had a hard time finding was the probes. I think there is a new version for the Xecuter one (Probe 3) but it seems quite hard to find these days since the main site selling them went down. You can likely find them but the prices I was seeing were crazy so I figured if you wanted to google it, you could probably find a better price if you took longer than 1 minute to search like I did.
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