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How To Fix iBooks On Jailbroken iOS 5 iPhone, iPad, iPod touch



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How to Fix iBooks on iOS 5

Required Tools: iFile (available in Cydia, very useful and well worth the purchase)

Step 1

Uninstall iBooks, and then reinstall iBooks from the App Store. ***Do not open the app after re-install***

Step 2
  • Open iFile;
  • copy iBooks.app from /var/mobile/Applications/(iBook’s folder)/ to the /Applications. ***You can use SBSettings, or just go through each folder to identify the correct iBooks folder.
Step 3
  • Open: /Applications/iBooks.app/Info.plist and select property list editor;
  • Hit CFBundleIdentifier and change com.apple.iBooks to com.apple.iBooksFix
Step 4

Now Close iFile and Respring.

Step 5
  • There should be 2 iBooks icons on your Springboard. Delete the original iBooks app (rounded corners) and keep the square iBooks app.
  • iBooks should open now but, you cannot use iBookstore or sync books using iTunes. So, you need to follow the steps mentioned below to add new books purchased via iTunes to your iBooks…
Step 6
  • Open iFile and select the Wi-Fi icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • Open your favoite web browser and point it to http://iphone.local:10000/
  • locate var/mobile/Documents
  • Now hit the Choose File button and locate your .epub (iBooks format) files and hit the Upload button to manually sync them to your device.
Step 7
  • Now go back to var/mobile/Documents
  • Now you can view any uploaded .epub file in iBooks!
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