How to extract photos from PGR4

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  1. Lost4468

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    Hello, I just figured out you can extract photos from PGR4.

    You will need the following programs:
    1. wxPirs wxPirs
    2. XPort 360

    Step 1:
    Connect your HDD/memory unit to your pc and open up XPort 360, and go to the directory below (go to partition 3 if your using the HDD).


    Step 2:
    Now copy the file somewhere. (Just drag and drop the file)

    Step 3:
    Open wxPirs and open up the file you just extracted from XPort 360.


    Step 4:
    Extract the "image" file, by right clicking it and then clicking extract.


    Step 5:
    After you have saved it somewhere, go to the file, right click, rename and then add ".bmp" to the end of the image.


    Step 6:
    Open the file and view your photo! Then upload it to imageshack and share it with everyone!


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Thread Status:
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