Tutorial How to Dump a Liteon DVD Drive Key


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The Liteon DG-16D2S Xbox 360 DVD Drive is a new model with special flash lock protection, disabling the ability to update the firmware as you can with other drives (at least for now anyway - we know it is being worked on). However there is the ability to dump the drive key and inquiry data from the drive and patch another firmware with this data then update that firmware onto another drive such as the Samsung MS28 (very easy to buy brand new at the moment) so everything is up and running as it should be. The downside to this is that you need to solder 2 points on the Liteon PCB to be able to dump this data correctly. We will outlay this tutorial to appeal to all users and we hope that you find it useful. Once the soldering is out of the way - everything else is pretty simple, so let's get started.
The instructions are the same for both the Connectivity Kit 3 Pro & Lite (Unless Specified). The tutorial assumes that you are using Windows XP.
First you must have a PC with SATA that supports Legacy / Non-Raid Mode or a compatible SATA Card (Such as the VIA 6421). There are many different devices that support this (Intel, VIA, nForce etc). Our test rig uses a VIA 6421 Sata Card. iPrep will tell you if your Port is working and compatible (see Images 2 & 3).
1. We are first assuming that you have dissasembled your 360 and removed the DVD drive, If you haven't yet follow this tutorial.
2. You will now need to remove the backplate from the Liteon DG-16D2S DVD Drive. There are just 4 screws and you can use a Philips cross-head screwdriver. Solder the connections as shown in the diagram (See Image 1). We do not accept any responsibility if you mess this up. If you do not know how to solder do not attempt this yourself.

3. Connect power from the CK3 to the Hitachi DVD using the green power cable (make sure the connections are the right way around - there are guides on the connectors to help you - plug in the wrong way around and you will damage the drive - remember it's a power cable). Connect a molex power source to the CK3 (to be safe make sure the CK3 power switch is set to OFF). Connect the SATA cable from the DVD drive to your PC SATA. Now turn the CK3 power switch to ON. To check the power cable is working press the eject switch so that the tray ejects. See Image2 to show how everything should look.

4. Now you must first find which IO port the SATA card is using to communicate with the 360 DVD Drive. The easiest way to do this is to install iPrep. Once installed select which SATA card you are using and then click on the ? icon next to it (See Image 2). A popup window will show the 4 digits you need (See Image 3). The example in the images shows that we are using an VIA Sata controller and the I/O port is 9000.

5. Now grab the DVDKey32 package which includes the PortIO32 IO drivers for Windows from Winford Engineering and are the most stable yet (previous versions caused blue screens etc), and unpack it to your C:\ drive (See Image 5). Once downloaded goto the directory C:\DVDKey32_04_portio32 and install the PortIO32 drivers by double clicking on PortIO32.exe (See Image 6)​

6. If you are using the CK3 Pro you will need to install the USB drivers. This will give the CK3 Pro a COM port number (usually COM Port 3). Once installed connect the CK3 Pro to your PC via the provided USB cable. If you are using the CK3 Lite, plug in the included serial cable to your first available serial port on the back of your PC (See Image 7) - this will be COM 1 or COM 2.​

To check that the install was a succuss for the PortIO32 and the USB Drivers goto Device Manager (Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager) and scroll to the bottom (See Image 8)​

7. Before you dump the key you must eject the Liteon tray by pressing eject on the CK3. Then manually push the tray half way in - do not press eject or close the tray all the way in. Now open a command prompt (click Start > Run > type "CMD" (without the quotes) and press enter. Now type cd c:\DVDKey32_04_portio32 and this will put you into the DVDKey32 directory. Type dvdkey32 <io port> <com port> (The example uses IO port 9000 and COM Port 3 so we type dvdkey32 9000 3. (see Image 9).​

8. After about 20 seconds the key.bin and inquiry.bin files will be saved to the DVDKey32 folder. Make sure the drive key looks good, we recommend you dump it a couple of times to double check. When dumping again you must power off the CK3, unplug the SATA cable from the Liteon DVD, plug the SATA cable back in and then turn the CK3 power back on. Repeat step 7. You may find you will need to do this if the drive key shows up as a row of C's (See Image 10)

9. Now you have the key.bin and inquiry.bin (See Image 11) its a very simple process to patch these files into the firmware file of the drive you are swapping with. That is covered in this tutorial.​

By Team Xecuter


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Carson as I said in your other thread I think the site that is hosting those pics has disabled hotlinking and when an image is hotlinked made it display as David Hasselholf saying "No dude, you are a homo" or w/e. Clear your cache and reload the page and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Anyways, just rehost the image files on tinypic, imageshack, or photobucket and replace the currect image links and it should be fine.


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Oh lol. I just figured it was Carson up to his usual shenanigans.


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if you right click and view image, then come back to this page, they appear as they should, but it would be easier if you just upload them to a hosting site instead...

I have a question, will soldering those points make the drive un-usable?


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There is a simple and cheaper tool for getting key from Lite-On drives. With that you don't need to solder the drive at all. It costs ~1.5$.

It is a tested method. I get my key with this.

What you need:

-1pc BC337 Transistor
-1pc 10k resistor
-1pc 1k resistor
-1pc 5.25" father molex connector (like in your atapi cd/dvd drive)
-1pc db9 serial connector
-2pcs crocodile clips
-soldering iron
-sewing tip or any other acute pointer

After the 10k resistor put the acute pointer like sewing tip.

How to connect the things:

-Solder the parts as you can see in the picture above.
Should look like something this (parts could look different form these ones):

-The molex connector will be connected to your pc PSU by molex. It will give 5V.
-The db9 connector will be connected to serial port on your motherboard or addon card.
-The 2 crocodile clip needed to be connected the xbox360 drive to ground without soldering. So connect the xbox360 drive case to the pc case with the crocodile clips.
-After every component on the right place make your drive to half open position.
-With the Sewing tip you need to make the contact. You have to place to the R707 checkpoint. Without touching anything else. So be carefull when you place the tip.

You have to keep it there till you get the key. Now run any program what can get the key like dvdkey.

And you are finished.

Good luck

Based on Simi121 tutorial at a different xbox site.
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This tutorial is pretty old... I'm pretty sure you can erase, rewrite the same drive LOL.

abcd2k5, you're basically making a probe there. A much better option to soldering the drive, but still requires soldering to create.
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