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Tutorial How to downgrade to earlier version of GTA5



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If you want to mod the story of GTA5 you may also run into the problem, that you accidently downloaded the newest patch. Normally developers of GTA mods will need some time after a new patch to update their mods. If you want to keep using the mods but already updated GTA to the newest patch, then that's the right tutorial for you.

First of all, this tutorial only works if you fully updated GTA to the newest patch.

1. Download the files of build you want to downgrade to.
2. Drag the file you downloaded onto your desktop and extract it.
3. Navigate to the standard directory (where your mods are installed too) of GTA5
4. Delete GTA5.exe and GTA5Launcher.exe
5. Open the folder (or select the files) you've extracted on your desktop and copy GTA5.exe, GTA5Launcher.exe and update folder into the standard directory of GTA5

Set up firewall to block GTA from updating:
1. Open the windows control panel
2. Navigate to System and Security - Windows Defender and Firewall
3. On the left side, click on Advanced settings
4. A new windows should open. On the left side click on outgoing rules
5. On the right side, click on New rule
6. In the new window that pops up select program (click continue)
7. Select program path and search for GTA5Launcher.exe, select it.
Depending on where you installed GTA it should look like this:
%ProgramFiles%\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\GTAVLauncher.exe
8. Once you selected the correct path, click continue
9. Select block connection, click continue
10. Click continue again without changing anything. Now just give your rule an name and click complete.

Now you should get an error everytime you launch GTA saying something about can't connect to servers. Just click Offline mode and you can start without updating. If you want to update, just delete the rule you created and it should update again.

Since these files contains almost any online update's content, it's not possible to scan the files online due to the size of almost one GB. That's why I can only provide an virus scan of my local antivirus program!

Files for Socialclub version:

Downgrade to b1290

Files for Steam version:

Downgrade to b1290

I will keep updating this on every update so you can always go back to previous version at any time you want :smile:
Just ask here if you have any issues.
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Hope this works because I want to get back and up in vr using vorpx and the grnd theft auto vr mod.Praise Jesus !


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Is there a console version of this anywhere?
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