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How to DL, Burn, and play 360 games using a MAC 1.6 FW
by Jac0b Se7ensins.com DO NOT RIP PERIOD.

Your going to need a few handy programs before we start this whole thing, and I've color coded each item in this tutorial as follows:

BLUE: Downloading
RED: Burning
GREEN: Playing

2 Firefox add-ons (Linkification & DownThemAll)
Text Edit
Stuffit Expander

OsX 360

Activate .iso

Se7ensins Premium Account or other way to find ISO's
Rapidshare/MegaSharez/Megaupload Premium account

First we need to setup the whole shin-dig

1a. Download and install all applications/FF Add-ons and place apps in a root folder, I call mine xb3iso.

1b. Set your Premium Download site [RS/MS/MU] to automatically login so that when you click a "linkification" link it will use use your premium account vs a crappy slow free one.

Now we are ready to get your Xbox 360 ISO
2a. Go to se7ensins and log into the Premium Video Games sub-forum and find what game you want.

Say you find Assassins Creed 2 and want to make sure the links and still Valid go ahead and do two things. Click an download one of the first few links. If it starts downloading a very large file chances are the Internet police haven't deleted the file yet. Next just browse the last page or so and look for things like "RS link 47 is down! HELP!!!" Don't even bother with those sets of links if no one has replied with a new set of links.

2c. This is where Down Them All comes into play. Highlight ALL of the parts associated with the link set you see in the thread,

and Copy the links.
2d. Paste the links into a NEW Textedit window and File>Save as>(*isonamehere*).html. Close textedit and open the file you just created in FF.

2e. Control Click(Rt Click) in the white space of the html document and select DTA

2f. When you have DTA open just go through the program and it will automatically DL those files quickly so that you don't have to individually click each link.

2g. When the game completely Downloads expand with your favorite expander (Double click part 001 of the link set to expand with Stuffit)
You now have the .ISO ready to go on your desktop.

Now to verify it and BURN.

3a. Open abgx and OSx360 (If the game is Wave 4 and hasn't been released yet, skip abgx verification cause it will not let you auto-fix and will say it's failed stealth checks no matter what you do.)
Open the iso File you downloaded from the "quick-start menu" in abgx and Launch using CLI Window Output.

3b. ABgX is self explanatory let it do its thing and if a problem occurs we'll have to auto-fix the iso. Remember GREEN is GOOD.

3c. Make sure you have disable writes unchecked and go to the auto-fix tab. Select what auto-fix setting abgx recommended and let it do its thing again. When auto-fix is done close ABgX and move on to the burning process.

3d. In OSx360 open you newly fixed ISO. Select the BURN Tab and make sure you have your DVD drive set correctly, Speed @ 2.4x, and method Apple Disc-Recording .Framework. BURN.

When the disc is complete a chime will play and you are ready to play! If the game is Wave 4+ Please go to step 4.

Burning/using Activate iso in OSx360.
4a. Activate.iso disable the stealth checks required to play Wave 4 ISO's. If you get banned playing burnt games you did so at your own risk.

4b. You MUST Burn activate.ISO to a DL disk, so put one in you burner and burn it like you would any game making sure to burn to both layers if OSx360 asks you if you'd like to burn to a single layer.

4c. Once burned turn that xbox on and boot to the main menu and put in the activate.iso. When it reads it will show the "Put this Xbox 360 game into an Xbox 360 console to play in multiple languages.

4d. Eject the activate.iso and put in your wave 4 game. It will now play like any other Wave game :cool:

Written By Jac0b Se7enins.com

EDIT: Can I get somebody to watermark these pictures if they have time with my name and se7ensins.com. Nothing big just small in the corner. I'm tired and its super late. Than you :smile:
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