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Unsolved How to disable the dvd drive on an rgh xbox 360 slim via jumping the pins?



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First time posting on the site so apologize if this is not the correct place to post this: So basically about 4 months ago I purchased an already RGH modded xbox 360 slim. Not 100% sure what this means but according to the ebay listing it has been modded with: " 16mb Corona. Glitched with Corona Muffin 3-1 Timing File. "
Anyway it was working great until earlier today the disc tray kept popping out over and over. I figured it had something to do with the ultra sensitive eject button but that wasnt the case so I opened it up expecting there to be some ostruction or something preventing it from closing but I have had little luck in that department no matter what I try. The thing is because its modded I really have no use for the drive anyway, and would be totally fine with it just being removed. I would just remove the belt and keep it closed but whenever it fails to open it makes an odd grinding noise no matter what I do, and the light continuously flashes on and off showing it thinks something is being ejected which is kinda annoying. In the menu it also always states "opening" rather than ever being opened or closed, so Id imagine some part of the sensor is messed up. But anyway after looking into ways to remove the disc drive I saw the main two options were to either flash a new thing onto it with the dvd drive disabled, or use a jumper to bridge two pins on the motherboard. The jumper method seems the most attractive because honestly I have no idea how nands and flashing and any of that work, I just bought it pre-modded, and am afraid i would mess up and brick it. What exactly do I need to do to jump these pins, where are they on the motherboard and what is the pin-out and how should I go about this (I.E. should I just keep the drive connected or have it unplugged from the console or ?). I have a bunch of small 2 pin jumpers from ide harddrives im assuming I could use. Thanks for your patience as I obviously am a bit lost here. Any help would be extremely appreciated !
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EDIT: I actually figured it out in the time since I posted this, but ill clarify incase this is helpful to anyone else in the future. The connector I jumped was the one on the other side of the power cable to the dvd drive. The jumper went to the 2nd and 3rd "pins" from the left on the bottom row (I use quotes around pins because where pin 1 would be on the second row is empty) so it should look like the attached pic. I also removed the sata connector between the motherboard and disk drive (dont think its actually necessary tho), and just reassembled. Works perfectly without any flashing of the power light, or noises when 'ejecting' the disk tray, and the system reads this as it being always closed essentially and I can play games off the hdd/usb with no issues.
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