How to Customize Dock Icons

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    Here's a little trick that's pretty fun and can help you put that personal touch on your dock.

    Find a .png file you think would look pretty cool as a replacement icon for your dock

    Go to Finder>Applications

    Highlight the application you want to modify and hit (Command+I) or simply File>Get Info

    A little info window should pop up showing you all the details of the application.

    To insert your new icon, simply drag it over the picture in the top left of the information panel.

    You should have a finished product that looks something like this

    Fairly simple, but not a lot of people know you can do this. Lemme know if you need any help!
  2. (Corndog)

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    Or if you have money, you could save the trouble and download CandyBar ( Panic - CandyBar 3 - Change and Organize Your Mac OS X Icons and Dock ) or you just be cheap a do a "google" search for it. Either way, Candybar is the way to do because way more Icon Designers are supporting iContainers now ( Files that contain many icons for many applications). Or you could just use ColeTrains tutorial for one icon :tongue:
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    I've Also Changed My Icons On My Mac And I've Found A Free Program Called LiteIcon[​IMG] And This Program Basically Changes The Other Icons That You Cant Change Manually For Instants I've Changed My Finder Icon To Grey And Red I Went And Googled Colored Finder Icons And I Found A Website That Has All Sorts Of Pre Made Icons For Mac. I've Changed Every Folder In My Mac To A Sleek White Sorta Thing. This Program Is Easy To Use Just Drag And Drop On To With Icon You Wanna Change. I've Even Found A Way To Make My Very Own Icons Using Gimp The Free Alternative To CS2.[​IMG]

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