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Hey Everyone, :tongue:
There is a hot new glitch going on in the world of Apex Legends that crash the server with holo sprays.
So today I am writing this out to show you guys how to do it. I will also link a video for you guys as well.

Things we need:
Holo spray
(and apex legends of course )

Now before I tell you how to do it. You can do this in the game but,
I wouldn't do this in game because thats ****ed up bro
Respwan just needs to fix the game

How to do it: :what:

METHOD 1: When getting shot throw a holo spray out .
METHOD 2: When you kill someone throw a holo spray.
METHOD 3: When your jumping over something throw a holo spray
METHOD 4: Throw the holo spray down on any slanted surface

Credit goes to Deez Carries for the video
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