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Discussion How to Change the Speed of a Crawler

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I've never seen this posted before so I decided to share my wisdom with all my brothas and sistas.

I was in a match yesterday holding a couple of crawlers in town, so my teammate could go open PaP. I started playing leap frog with my little buddies on the ground (they were in the mood for boxing and kept hitting me instead). I started to notice that whenever I jumped over them and they lunged at me to attempt to smack 'dat nice firm booty, one of the crawlers would change speeds. Sometimes it took a few jumps, but the crawler would always change his speed from the speed of a Ferrari to momma's old beat up station wagon or vice versa if I jumped over him. It only worked with the crawler that had legs and the ability to go fast as crawlers that have their legs blown up like your "girlfriend" can't crawl fast.

It's great if you want to slow a zombie down so it doesn't bother you or if you need to speed one up to get the crawler on the bus before it leaves. Try it out to see if it works for you too.

Sorry for double posting. It kept giving me an error saying my thread wasn't posted.
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