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How to change default car in story mode?

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto V Support Archive' started by ThisIsRandy, Aug 11, 2018 with 2 replies and 150 views.

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  1. ThisIsRandy

    ThisIsRandy Newbie

    Hey brothers,

    Is there a way in story mode on PS4 to change Franklin's default car to a specific car that I bought from the Legendary Motorsport site?
    Everytime when I use my favorite car or stop it next to a mission it disappears, or his Buffalo car spawns back again. I'm so done with this vehicle, so is there a way for me to change it nowadays? I'm ok with it if I have to use some mods for it on PS4, as long as it works.

  2. Void61

    Void61 Newbie

    Just saying i doubt this very very much. Like if there was a way it would've been found or something by now its been like 4 years or something
  3. Navy Davey

    Navy Davey ☠️Friend of the Devil☠️ Staff

    Unfortunately there isn’t a game mechanic or glitch that allows that...
    You can do it with mods but it isn’t
    An easy process.
    My best advice for you is while you are in the vehicle you like quick save the game before exiting...
    You will then spawn in the car upon your return.
    If you have autosave on you will have to do this each time you exit.

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Thread Status:
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