Discussion How to capture HDMI video with an Intensity Pro

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  1. Download and install the latest software package for Intensity
  2. Set your Xbox to output in 720p by navigating through the console settings menu
  3. Turn off your Xbox, plug its output into the Intensity input, and use an additional cable to hook up the Intensity output to a TV or monitor if you desire
  4. Open Windows control panel, and click on Blackmagic Control Panel
  5. Adjust according to this: [1]

Per-program settings:
  • If capturing using VirtualDub, go to File > Capture AVI, then Device > Decklink Video Capture, then Video > Capture Filter and adjust accordingly: [2] Also consider going to Video > Compression and determining if you want the video to be compressed in an MJPEG, or captured uncompressed (see note at the end).

  • If capturing using Blackmagic Media Express, go to Edit > Preferences and change the video format to HD 720p 60. Also allows to change compression (see note at the end).

  • If capturing using Adobe Premiere Pro, go to File > Capture and select the Settings tab. Hit the Edit... button under capture settings, then hit Properties... change Video Standard to HD 720p 60, and choose your compression under Video Format (see note at the end).

Uncompressed capturing requires large capacity drives, with high sustained write rates (RAID0 preferred), compressed requires a strong CPU to encode on-the-fly
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