How to Bridge with Vista 64-Bit - Zone Alarm

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    Edit: just saw the other post... sorry

    Unless there is a tut out there for this, I guess I am the first :/... on to the tut!
    This is so easy no pictures are needed... if someone does get lost however i will add them later...

    What You Will Need:
    Zone Alarm Extreme Security Beta: Check Point ZoneAlarm: Open Beta Program
    Windows Vista SP1: Download details: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Five Language Standalone (KB936330)
    And of Course, Cain (if you use the router method): - Home

    Step 1: First Install the SP1. It will take a while and it will look like it isn't making any progress.. Just let it sit and have patience because it will work.

    Step 2: Once the SP1 has installed, Download and install Zone Alarm Extreme Security Beta (this beta only lasts for about 55 days, if someone would like to crack it or find a keygen please let me know! via PM or AIM) The ZAES install doesn't take too much time and even has some cool new features.

    Step 3: Next you must download and install Cain and Abel, UNLESS you bridge via crossover cable... other wise you MUST install Cain to router bridge... Once installed set it up like you normally would.

    Step 4: Open up ZAES and put in the IP's like you would on for bridging on non 64-bit. All the ranges are obviously the same.

    HOW TO BRIDGE-- In the GameZ0rz...

    Start up a party. You MUST be the host. In order to bridge, uou must have a full party so either play wingman with a bud or get a whole group together. Add your teammate(s) IP to your Trusted zone in ZAES and put your Firewall on High. Start the Game wait about 10-15 seconds, and put ur firewall back down to medium. Now finding a game may take some time depending on the time of day (I find it easier to find games later in the day than in the afternoon or morning). Once you found a match, you have 1 way to instantly tell if you're host. When chosing the Map, if you see a number go higher than 5 for the votes, you're host. Other wise you can wait and put ur firewall on high when the countdown is going. If you're HOST congratz and you bridged with vista 64-bit with ZA!!! If not, you messed up somewhere.

    Questions? AIM me, Bluepanther5554

    Thanks for reading
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    Please add pictures. We want to make our tutorials as noob friendly as possible, so everyone can understand them. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures.


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