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Hey Everyone, :tongue:

There is a hot new glitch going on in the world of Apex Legends.
So today I am writing this out to show you guys how to do it. I will also link a video for you guys as well.

Things we need:

2. Crypto

Now before I tell you how to do it. You can do this in the game but,
I wouldn't do this in-game because that's ****ed up bro
Respawn just needs to fix the game

How to do it:

So, the first thing we need is to use cryptos drone and then have Rampart place her minigun on top of the drone.
Next, Rampart needs to mount the minigun then crypto will fly the drone to the sky barirrer (as high as you can ).
The minigun should break and Rampart should fall to the ground. When rampart hits the ground she will be inviable

Credit goes to Deez Carries for the video
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