How To: Badge Boost

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    Requirements: At least 5 other people willing to boost.

    How to change your in-game region:
    Start up the game, wait for around a minute on the title screen and press escape twice,
    A data centers button will show up,
    Click the one you wish to play on and it will turn yellow; indicating you are now on that server.

    How to boost-
    Damage boosting - Each person takes turns knocking down 2 people from the opposing booster team, one person revives both and repeat, this can also be done for the resurrect both teammates badge.

    Winning Games badges - Once again playing on a low population server with 2-3 arranged teams and teaming is the best way to get easy wins , rotate until everyone has the achievement.

    Kill badges - Same method as damage boosting, except finish off two people and follow the last person to a respawn station and repeat.

    Disclaimer- This game is too new for us to have an understanding of the ban system, this may or may not cause you to be banned, if you choose to do this and get banned, please tell me in the comments, however I am not responsible for your ban.
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    I'd love to find your groups! That's 6 easy kills... :biggrin:
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  3. eddie mac

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    lol exactly. This thread reminds me of when people would go out and buy 4 ps3s just to boost on BO1 lmfao

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