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Support How I addressed the E74 issue on Xbox 360.



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This guide is expired. Check out this new guide for a better way to fix it with no currency.

We all know it. Or maybe you don't. If you have this error, you know the true pain of this error.

What does the E74 error look like?
Instead of booting up, the console flashes one red LED in the bottom right of your console's power button, and the TV screen goes straight to the error screen.

How do I know if I'm about to get the error?
The TV screen will glitch in random color, it will flash tiny little cubes on startup.
https://imgbox.com/gddjMZm5 - Cubes
https://imgbox.com/5csDtCCP - Glitch
https://imgbox.com/6PJYXI4S - Glitch

A lot of sources to fix this error will show you the penny trick, which applies pressure to the H/ANA chip, but over time basically kills your console. They have the right ide, but the wrong way of doing it.

Note: the E74 error could be a result of a failing GPU. If this guide doesnt work, then try to reflow the board. If that works, get your chips reballed.

bvop's penny trick
Instead of going straight into the pennies, I got two dimes, and wrapped them completely in electrical tape. I left the square shape that the tape made in my favor, because when I put the dimes on the bottom to see if they fit, they fit perfectly on the bottomside of the H/ANA chip.
I then put the two wrapped up dimes directly below the left incline of the fan placement in the metal case, then put some electrical tape to make sure it stays in place. (https://imgbox.com/R2YjnKmm)
Then set the motherboard's AV cable end first and push it in all the way, and drop the board down on the case. You should be able to press down on the USB ports on the front of the console and press on the ethernet port on the back and hear a small click.
After you've done that, get 11 pennies and wrap them completely in electrical tape. Set the pennies on top of the H/ANA chip (https://imgbox.com/p9ouAm5g) and then reattach the fans (unplugged) and the fan duct. (https://imgbox.com/oHg0MBQv) You should be able to press down on the fan duct and it fit into place. (https://imgbox.com/jSpqNZef) After you've done that, screw the motherboard back into place (small screws) and turn on your Xbox 360.
Remember, the fans arent on, so this should warm the board up quickly, once you've warmed the board up to the 2 rings, apply pressure to where you put the pennies on the fan duct and plug the fans back in, so that the solder will cool. Turn off the console, plug the disc drive in, and put 6 quarters in a stack and wrap them completely in electrical tape. Tape those quarters to the top far right corner of the disc drive, relatively close to the H/ANA chip. (https://imgbox.com/nB7akjHD)
Next, apply the long screws in this order (with power button farther away from you): Top left, top middle, bottom middle, bottom left. Then screw the other screws in. Put on your eject button and make sure that it clicks. If it doesn't remove the screws and rearrange your disc drive. Put the case back on, and put the faceplate on. Power on the console. **NOTE: IT IS COMPLETELY NORMAL TO GET THE E74 ERROR AGAIN. RESTART THE CONSOLE. IF IT STILL OCCURS, OR YOU HAVE GLITCHING ON THE BOOT SCREEN, APPLY THE Q-TIP TRICK AND WAIT UNTIL THE CONSOLE OVERHEATS. ONCE IT DOES, APPLY PRESSURE TO THE SPOT WHERE THE QUARTERS ARE. WAIT UNTIL THE CONSOLE COOLS DOWN. I WOULD JUST SIT ON IT WITH THE POWER CORD ONLY PLUGGED IN WHILE ON.**
Thanks for reading this guide!
Tips to prevent this error and many others:
Clean the console regularly.
Put your console horizontally.
Put it on top of stand that you're using.
Add a 12v fan mod.

If you want to repost this guide, please just ask me. This rule will not apply in 2033 (ten years from the original post date of this article).
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