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how does this work?

Discussion in 'Halo 3 & Halo 3: ODST' started by pokey, Jul 4, 2009 with 3 replies and 231 views.

  1. pokey

    pokey Newbie

    i shot a guys with two consecutive shots from the sniper then grenaded him two time and emptied half an AR clip into him and he killed me(while i was on full sheild) with 2 BR bursts. how does this work?
  2. chris213

    chris213 Android™

    i would assume the game was extremely laggy. that's the only way that could happen.
  3. F4x

    F4x Enthusiast

    More than likely, you missed both of your snipe shots, your grenade only took a bit of his shield away, and then you probably tried to do a long distant AR and less than half of your shots hit. Then he either 4 shotted you, or someone else on him team (or yours even) put a couple shots into you, the same time he was, so it only seemed like one person shooting at you.

    Or it was very laggy and that guy was the one with host.
  4. Maveric

    Maveric Newbie

    Lag can do some crazy things. I've seen people survive rockets to the face, multiple beatdowns, etc. I also had someone send me a video once of me getting shot multiple times with the sniper and accuse me of cheating, but on my screen I was only body grazed once.

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