How do you make Halo 1 Mod disk?

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    Ok, my xbox has already been modded. I can play modded Halo 2 disks on it with yelotrainer and all that jazz. However, I haven't modded in like 3 years so I completely forgot what to do.

    Now, I want to make a Halo 1 disk and play that on my Xbox. How do I do that?

    For Halo 2 in order to make a disk, all you have to do is burn an .iso onto a dvd disk. However, the thing is the files/folders in the .iso must be staggered perfectly.

    For Halo 2 there is a 'bink' folder, 'maps' folder, 'media' folder. There are also the files dashupdate.xbe, default.xbe, etc...

    My question, what are the files I need to create a modded Halo 1 disk. How are the folders and files organized in the iso. Also, can you use yelotrainer again to play halo 1, or do you need a completely new program on the xbox?


    Any tutorial would be great!
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    Ive been wondering how to do this.

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