How Do People Figure Out Glitches For GTA V?

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  1. Thunder_201

    Thunder_201 Newbie

    Ive always wondered how people find glitches in GTA V. Sometimes it could be on accident but most of the time they know what they are doing. I actually really want to know because I want to discover glitches and post it to this community. Right now there isn’t that much glitches out and I would like to help to find some. GTA is getting boring because most of us are poor and can’t have fun online. If you could help me that would be great

  2. Navy Davey

    Navy Davey ☠️Friend of the Devil☠️ Staff

    First you need to think About a few things...

    A fairly deep understanding of how the game is designed to work.

    A good way to do this is to familiarize yourself with creator. Make jobs, place triggers,find interiors and see how the game operates in jobs.

    Three important parts to understand:
    1. Game mechanics
    2. Console mechanics
    3. Logical progression of your Glitch
    Questions to ask yourself when performing/hunting a glitch:
    1. How does the game react when I perform a certain action?
    2. What can I do to exploit the games reaction to specific inputs?
    3. Once I have exploited the games mechanics and get result “A” what’s the next step?
    Look through some glitches in the archives (patched previous Glitches)
    1. Note the uses of exploitation.
    2. Does it use a property door entry point?
    3. Does it use the blue circle in a garage?
    4. What is involved in the particular glitch? (Friends? Console mechanics?)
    These are all notable items to be aware of when Glitching.
    Most of all be capable of critical and logical thinking.
    You will also need patience, desire and dedication to actually find something and see it through to the end:wink:
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  3. abig79

    abig79 Enthusiast

    Some of the very complex ones still intrigue me on how the heck they figure it out. I've posted 2 I found but they were both just different versions of variation of another one that someone already posted
  4. GaryLazerEyes

    GaryLazerEyes Enthusiast

    Definitely multiple consoles lol
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  5. NicGoRe

    NicGoRe Legendary Bastard

    In addition to the aforementioned pointers by Gary and Davy:

    Cut scenes an animations allow you to wedge something into the code and GTA is built on cheats. Every time you enter a garage you are teleported. Every time you look out the window in your CEO building you have godmode and invisibility....and when you launch a job you become OTR to the entire lobby. Recent activity throws the code and video out of sync. You can see this by reviewing video of the glitch and realize its different than what you actually saw. Happy Glitch Hunting!
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  6. schitzotm

    schitzotm Contributor

    Adding a but more:
    Take Franklin and shoot someone and get a wanted level.
    Just as the stars show up take off running (forward on left thumbtack and spammin A for xbox or some shape for ps4)
    Let off A (or shape for ps4) and quickly hit pause. (Kinda roll off of A and hit pause real fast)
    Go to online and gta online. You will now notice all options are grey and you cant select them. You can however scroll them.
    This is a glitch. (An ingame bug)
    The next step would be to see if there is any way of exploiting this bug. There are many things to try. We could kill the internet in hopes of stacking the join online, we could join player in a different target mode, or just about anything else we could think of. Trial and error. And there may be nothing that comes from the find at all.
    Most of the guys finding the teleport or frozen money know exactly what they are looking for so for them its just a matter of finding a new way to get the same result. And really quickly they can determine if a bug will help them or not.
    That is the start the rest is you looking and trying.
    As for the pause menu as franklin that infact actually does exist and not just an example.
    At first when hunting do not expect to see anything of much use. But as you learn what different types of bugs do and dont produce you can set your aim much higher.
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  7. Rukhmar

    Rukhmar Government!!!!

    Lot's of experiments and patience. And some knowledge of the game.

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