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Solved How do I move my magic spot?

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So my magic spot car is in Garage A.
A regular car is in Garage B
I take the regular car in Garage B and move it to Garage A which is full so I pick my magic spot car to swap it with. So is the regular car in garage A now my magic spot car or is the magic spot car in Garage B my magic spot car still just in garage B?

Hope this makes sense.
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Navy Davey

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This wasn’t in the right place but I moved it to support.
Yes you can push your magic spot to another garage.
  • Drive the car from the garage you want the magic spot in. For example your MOC.
  • Drive it to the garage your magic spot is in and select the magic spot car to be pushed to the MOC/desired garage.
  • If moving it to a garage the garage must be full to be able to push the magic spot to the other garage.
  • Generally speaking I keep a magic spot in my MOC to use as a merge in conjunction with a GCTF glitch.
  • This is how you can easily put your magic spot mods on other vehicles without a lot of extra work.
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