How do I fix the sword lunge mod?

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  1. xgamer

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    I'm not able to fix the sword lunge mod. I already did the target aquire distance to 9999 but that only gives me a red reticule when aiming at my enemy from any distance, I can't lunge him when I'm more than 12 feet away. How do I fix this so that I can lunge across the map at my enemy?

  2. Greeenymeany

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    Get AA autoaim program from the downloads section of this site and change the thing so it says input values automaticly input vaules and scroll down to both of the energy blade tabs and put for the aquire target distance 100000 and for the autoaim anle 360 and for the aauto aim range 100000 put the magneisam angle at 0 and magentisaim range at 0 (the magnnetisam things are just annoying to the player using the mod)

    PS: sorry for errors my keyboards broke and i am using a crapy third party onscreen keyboard

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