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Solved How do I fix a Dead spot in my Terrorbyte space?

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Maybe someone can help me, I bought the terrorbyte with frozen money, but it wont show up in my garage so I can make upgrades. It will spawn on the street but even when I drive it in I get a infinite black screen, then when I do the recent activities, I spawned in my night club but no terrorbyte. Any ideas what's going on?


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I'm also curious how to solve it ?


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Anyone know how to get the terrobyte to spawn visible in the terrobyte garage after doing car to avenger merge TIA!!
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Did you previously have a dead spot elsewhere?
Have you tried driving it into garage B2?
Try the following it should work.
  1. Make sure Nightclub garage B2 is full and you have at least one free car or street car to push to the dead spot.
  2. I suggest a uninsured street car that way you can blow it up as an end result the dead spot should be gone.
  3. When you have B2 set up call your Terrorbyte.
  4. Drive to the garage entrance and select B2.
  5. Accept the alert to swap cars.
  6. Select the free car or street car.
  7. You will now be able to mod the Terrorbyte in B2.
To Attempt to fix the dead spot:
  1. You have to use an uninsured street car when you swapped the Terrorbyte.
  2. Take note of the car you used. You will need to find it in the list of your vehicles.
  3. Find a friend to do the Fleeca Heist Finale or a setup. You can also join a random player’s heist.
  4. Select the car in the Terrorbyte spot as your vehicle in the job.
  5. You can blow it up in the job or wait for the job to be over and blow it up when you spawn into freemode.
  6. Once you have done that the Terrorbyte spot should be clear.
  7. Call the Terrorbyte.
  8. Drive the Garage entrance and select the Terrorbyte garage.
  9. With any luck you have cleared the dead spot.
Alternative method using a free Elegy:
  1. Have a garage with at least one empty space.
  2. Use the Elegy to swap into the Terrorbyte spot.
  3. Call the Elegy during the Heist.
  4. When you spawn into freemode drive the Elegy into the empty garage space.
  5. Call the Terrorbyte.
  6. Drive to the garage and select the Terrorbyte garage.
  7. With luck the dead spot will be gone.
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