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How can I downgrade to TU20 - made a huge mistake and losing sleep over it


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This is my first post here so hello everyone. Some background: I am a father of two boys, who both love Minecraft on the Xbox 360. Their favourite version is TU20, as they have played the PC version at a friend's house and are vehemently opposed to the newer updates. I have been directed to this
site from the Xbox forums.

Last weekend I had some free time so decided to play some Minecraft to see what it was like. Unaware at the time, unfortunately I accepted the update popup, and the game was updated to the latest version (TU53 I believe?) Unfortunately, my children found out and they were heartbroken that their Minecraft was no longer what it once was. Unfortunately, one of them has recently been diagnosed with ASD, and doesn't react well to changes. I've tried telling them "It's a game, try and embrace the new version" but they really really REALLY want the old version back. They fight a lot, as brothers do, but they always happily spent time together on Minecraft. Now they haven't played it since.

I have been frantically Googling (at 2 o'clock in the morning - I'm finding it difficult to sleep as I hate seeing my children so unhappy - I just want them to have their old Minecraft back) and have found out some information. Reading through some posts, this forum seems like a knowledgable place to ask! So my questions are:

1. Is there any way of downgrading to TU20 without violating any Xbox Live T&Cs?
If there is a way that I have somehow missed, I would really appreciate it!

2. I now understand that TU20 is deleted when the new update is installed. Is there a way I can recover a deleted file?

This is on the hard drive that came with the Xbox - If I could run recovery software on it to get the TU20 back, that would be great!

3. What is the risk of getting banned from Xbox Live if I download TU20 off the Internet and put it on the Xbox via a memory stick?
Ok, so on this forum I found a thread on installing title updates via USB. You download the TU off the Internet, run it through a piece of software, put it on a memory stick, and then transfer it to the Xbox.
There was also one specifically for Minecraft from 2014, but I can't find it now.

The method looks very easy to follow...but I'm scared of the step where you use Horizon. Surely this breaks the Xbox Code of Conduct? (as you are modifying the game from an external source). I've heard my fair share of horror stories of Microsoft being heavy-handed towards this, with entire CONSOLES being banned permanently from Xbox Live. In addition, from my research I know for PC Gaming there is this thing called VAC - which is a sophisticated piece of software that will detect ANY modification, no matter how small. I'm sure Microsoft has something like that for Xbox, but please correct me if I'm wrong.
If there is even a 0.01% chance of getting my children's accounts permanently banned, I don't want to do it. They will have to live with the new update, I just can't risk all the money I've invested in Xbox for my children being lost. My children play Xbox Minecraft offline (I believe they have to if they don't use the latest update), but they do enjoy Fifa online with their friends from school, and both have Xbox Live Gold membership.

Thank you very much for reading all of this, I really appreciate any answers to these questions, especially the 3rd one. If I could turn back the clock and not update, I really would have - I'm beating myself up over it. I hate seeing my children so unhappy after watching them both enjoy Minecraft together for years now. But the thought of getting console-banned off Live FOREVER makes me reluctant to try the memory stick method.


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From what I know, I only know how to downgrade to the version of which the Minecraft was downloaded at. So if it was downloaded in TU20 then the only way to downgrade would be to delete a file wherever Minecraft is located.
-Go to the last tab in System settings on the Xbox Home
-Go to System
-Locate where Minecraft is on the storage device(s) Should be under games & apps
- Delete "Minecraft Title Update"
-Return to the game and Decline the alert to download the update.
If all works well It should go back to the version of Which Minecraft was downloaded at.
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