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Unsolved How can i change the Xbox build numbers to unbrick it?



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I own a Xbox One (fat). Months ago, the hard disk stopped working and I swapped it for a clean, correctly formatted, new one. Then, inserted it at the Xbox and used the OSU (Operational System Utility) archives to start in repair mode and install the system in the new HD. But instead i got a lot of system errors like E101, E203, etc.. Doing some search, i knew that it could be cause the console had been part of preview program, and doing this installing could not be possible cause of that would be a downgrade. That's a bricking. Reading a report from someone in a similar case to mine, guy said that he could unbrick his one just changing the build numbers and he could make the install, but i don't know how to do it. And that's my question, how can i change those build numbers to make the install and save my xbox one? Sorry for the bad english and thanks in advance.
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