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Solved Hot swapping with external hdd?

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Hey there. recently dusted off my old xbox which has a error 16 and cant boot any games or anything. since i dont have any friend with a modded xbox or anything. it seems the way to go is hotswapping. and now heres my question. a while ago my fathers old pc broke down and he wante to save the files on his harddrive. so he bought a item similar to a external harddrive only you put your own harddrive together with it with IDE cable and power. it then connects to my pc via usb. and i was wondering if its possible to use it for hotswapping?

Yesterday i put my xbox hdd in it without hotswapping and it couldnt find drivers for it. not sure if it was just because it wasnt unlocked or because i need to download the drivers? using Windows 7 btw

Can supply pictures on the external thing if needed

Also uhm. my IDE Cables dont fit correctly into the xbox hdd..they only get in fully on one side
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