Hosting MW3 XP Lobby. 60K Per Kill

Is this lobby legit?

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MW3 XP Lobby 60K Per KILL



Live lobby status here (clickk)

Do not spam me, I will simply ignore you and you will never get into my lobby. Do not yell into Mics. Do not tell me what to do with the lobby. Do not send me a voice message for something short that you can type. Only message me if you are making purchase. 3 matches per person, let others have a turn please, but I don't really care. If to many people are being kicked from lobby because of glitch, I may need to lower the XP(30,000-40,000) as I am not the one kicking them.

I am one of only a few people with a modified console online. Join while you can.
Post Legit once you get in please.

How to Join:
Send private chat message or friend request then click join session (Don't message me to invite)

Xex Dancers

I got a mod menu:

DO NOT USE MY MENU! If you got the menu, it was unintentional, given because game glitched, using it will get you a permanent ban from these lobbies for ever.

How can I donate:

You can donate via PayPal email.
These lobbies are ran off from donations and they will help me continue to do this for the community. Any amount would be appreciated.
Paypal email: [email protected]

Why you get kicked after kill:

You have double xp on. You can not have double xp while in a xp lobby for MW3 at 60k per kill. You'll need to find a 30k or lower lobby.

How to make XP stick:

At the end of the game, I will host migrate, you should then leave the game after the migration is complete.

Why the game sometimes freezes:

Sometimes my Xbox freezes while doing these lobbies. I restart my Xbox after every few matches.

Why won't it let me join:

The game is full. Wait for someone to leave or for the next match. Try to join fast because people join ridiculously fast (full lobby in under 3 seconds).
How do I get gold or autumn


People piss me off
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Lobby closing. Check the lobby live status in op to know when back online. Thread is locked.
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