Hosting Elasticity v1 for WaW Zombies :)

Is the menu working well?

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STATUS: Closed. I'm tired lmao. Goodnight bros <3

I'm back hosting Elasticity v1/Project X. Once you join the game, I'll give you admin privileges for whichever menu I'm using at the time.
My gamertag is: WaW ISOs

Yes, I am on my RGH at the moment. If you'd like to add my main account that I use when I play on my retail, my gamertag is Ayyer. I do not do any modding on my retail. No hotswap ISOs, no USB mods, no syslink infections. Nothing. I won't be on my retail very much, as I tend to just play on my RGH.

Rule #1: I don't use MP menus or infect others with MP menus, as they typically ruin the fun for the others in the lobby, so don't ask for multiplayer infections. I will, however, host private match lobbies and give you admin to the menu I'm using at the time.

Rule #2: Don't demand for me to change the map to Nacht Der Untoten. I usually host Zombies menus on Der Riese, as it allows for the most functionality of the menus. If you do not have the map pack, I will invite you to a separate lobby once the game is finished.

Rule #3: Don't ask for me to host on other games/give you free recoveries on other CoD games. When I host for other games, I make separate threads about it. If the title says WaW, it means I'm staying on WaW until the thread closes. Also, I do not have GTA 5/MW2. So I will not be able to host anything for those games at the moment.

For anyone with a modded console, Ninja is the best stealth server. The KV I'm using has lasted for 2 weeks and counting. I'm not sponsored by them. I'm just giving advice :smile:

Credit to the menu:
Elasticity v1 - AgreedBog381
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