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Mod Menu Hosting AFH Clan Infectable Mod Menu!

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Hello TTG! I'm hosting my newly coded Infectable Mod Menu! Please take the time to read this whole post to prevent confusion! Also, I can not host until i have gold, i ran out and need a donation! Details on what you get if you give me a donation of microsoft points or a gold membership are posted below. And once you get infected. Please feel free to post legit, say thanks to the topic, and +rep as alot of work went into all this! Thanks​
It includes a PIMP menu, VIP, and a FREE menu.​

Message us saying TTG and what kind of menu you would like to have.​
This menu is free, Will take approx. 30 seconds to infect.​
-Many host options
-map infections (10th infections, c*** infections)
-clan tag editor
-much much more!​
You will not be able too infect other people with this menu​
There is no price, however, you will only be infected once, if you would like to be infected again, it will cost a 2 day trial of gold, and upon paying, you can come back anytime to get the menu again for free.​

This menu is the same as the free menu, however, you
will be able to infect other people with the FREE menu.​
The price is set at $1 paypal, Or 1600 MS Points/1 Month Gold​
Come back to me any time you want the menu again for free​


This is the best menu out of them all, you get everything
in bothe the FREE menu and the VIP menu, but you can infect
other people, and you will have the option to infect them with
VIP or PIMP menu​
It will take approx 2 1/2 minutes to infect you with this menu​
Price is set as $5 paypal, or 4000 MS points/3 month gold​
Come back to me any time you want the menu again for free​
[youtube]Sorry for bad quality, its a quick record. But anyways, hacker7115 is my username on here, and look at the uploader of the video above.​


All payments and profits will go to this paypal​


Please read all of this! Ok, so once you are invited, there will be a checkerboard lobby with colorful text written on it. This is called part 1, or the handler. To Activate it, back out, go to split screen and start it up. It should lag you out. Rejoin my lobby and wait for further instructions. And wait for me to pick up more people to infect. Once i have started the game, fallow the colorful txt that will pop u on the screen. After you are infected, it will automaticly kick you from my infection lobby.
go to your own private match and choose a class. then walk backwards, while walking backwards press right on the DPAD. From there you use DPAD up and down to navigate through the menus. Press X to go into the menu you are hovered on. And use DPAD up and down to navigate through the many options in that menu. Press X to select an option your hovered on.​
Details On Donations:
2-day trial = life time infections, after i recieve the valid code​
1-month = you, and 3 other friends life time infections​
3-month = i will love you, and you can pick what you get in return, including life time infections​
1-year = i will be speachless, :idea: my pants, explode, and you can get life time infections, become my co host, and invite all the friends you want​
Rules to donations:
1) Do not send fake codes expecting it will work, ive been scammed by fake modders, and i wont be scammed being one​
2) please send code first, let me varify, then unless my xbox or jtag suddenly explodes or a robber breaks into my house, you will recieve your lobby within 10 minutes upon me varifying the code​
3) After i get some xbox live, i will continue normal hosting services​
4) Please dont rush me, im a busy person and there is no code to infect you faster trust me i tryed​
5) Read this whole post in order to prevent confusion, it will take time and make a bad experience. But if you read all of it, the treat is you will atleast be in my lobby. (if i get a donation)
6) Same exchanges from gold works with microsoft points as well. (example: 1600 ms points = you + 5 friends for lifetime infections)​
7) Remember, i cant host until i get gold! so plz donate! you wont be scammed look at my previous lobbys i hosted, nothing but good feedback just like a dude with a fresh pair of nikes on a monday morning at school​


The Hoster(s) of the lobby are:​
- All For Hax (PERMABANNED)​
- I H8 My J Tag (Online) - New account

Staus Of Lobby:
OPEN *(after i get gold)*
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