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    I noticed that sometimes when i have a ful lparty and try to bridge, it seems like we never find a match. But.... some of my friends in my party have mdoerate NAT so could they be the reason why? or is it because im host banned? also, in Wingman, i notice that i go into searching with my friend, then when 2 green checks, i move slider to medium, and eventually we get a match (usually fast), but i dont have host ever. host banned? thanks for replys in advance

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    I can't be your friends, because if you're bridging host with a full party, your friends are already connected to you the host, which means their nat has nothing to do with finding a match. From the way you say it, I recommend you check your bridge setup again, following one of the guides here, and if it still doesn't work, I'd say your hostbanned.
    Msg my gamertag [Man of Melons] and I could walk you through setup in party chat.

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