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  1. Fooky

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    ok my friend was host banned on one of his acc's and then later on got on another acc and could standby i didnt think host ban was just account based but this is crazy he has done it on like 3 or 4 acc now and i wanted some input about this shank you :thumbup:

  2. Twis7eD

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    Host ban goes by Xbox not account, IP, MAC Address, HDD, or anything else.

    I guarantee your friend thought he was host banned, but really wasn't. He then got on another account and got bridged host again.

    My guess is that what happened is he got bridged host for a couple games, then the bridger messed up giving him host like 2 games in a row and he thought he was host banned. He then proceeds to get on his other account where is bridged successfully for a few games and the same thing happens where the bridger messes up. And that continues to happen on other accounts.

    I also don't think he could be host banned because it takes almost 40 games of standbying or being bridged host to get host banned. I doubt that if he got host banned on lots of different accounts that he actually played, like what, 120 games.

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