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Jailbreak Home Depot Tutorial (iOS 9.1 - 9.3.4) 32bit only

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So a while ago I was going to release a Cydia Extender tutorial, but seeing as I only actually got it to work once, and to be honest, I just prefer to use Impactor, I haven't actually come up with anything. Instead, I found out about a 32bit jailbreak for the latest iOS 9 versions (not including 9.3.5) last night, just successfully installed it so I thought I'd do a quick tut. Please be aware, this is incredibly similar to my Yalu tutorial, except using the Home Depot .ipa. If at any time it seems as if it was a copy and paste, it may or may not be, depending on how similar the content actually is (downloading impactor and loading it up is exactly the same, so I don't see any need to re-write that).

Word of warning: This should work. I can't see any reason at the minute for it not to, but if it doesn't, I would assume the right thing to do would be just to try again. It shouldn't mess up your device too bad during the actual jailbreaking phase - just don't be stupid once you have jailbroken, just like any other jailbreak.

Things you will need
Cydia Impactor
Virus Total
Home Depot .ipa
Virus Total
Half a brain cell.


This tutorial shows images from the windows operating system, however, the steps should still be applicable for any other operating system supported by Cydia Impactor.

If I make a reference to 'Impactor' I am talking about 'Cydia Impactor' (I did say half a brain cell, I guess this would require at least three quarters).

I do not claim ownership of all these images, some I had to grab from F.C.E 365 and Billy Ellis due to me having already installed Home Depot and being unable to show all the steps.
Connect your iDevice to your PC and allow it access to the device (hit the trust button on the popup within the phone; unlock it)
Open up Impactor
Drag the Home Depot ipa ('MixtapePlayerRC3.ipa') into impactor.
And enter your apple ID into the input box, then press "OK" and enter your password.

Wait for impactor to work its magic and once it has finished impactor will prompt you with a "Completed" and you will see the Home Depot app on your homescreen.

Open this baby up and it will tell you your device is not jailbroken, hit 'prepare for jailbreak'
It will then give you some terms and conditions, either read them, or just hit 'Accept'.
It will then tell you that a free mixtape is available, hit 'Dismiss'
Then 'Proceed With Jailbreak'
Then 'Begin Installation'
Hit 'Use Provided Offsets', if it comes up, or use custom offsets, should you know them (not recommended unless you know what you're doing)
It will then run the exploit
Hit 'Done' when it gives you the storage warning
Once finished, your device will respring.
On the homescreen, is your shiny new cydia icon.
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