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Discussion Hmm a werid lonewolves question

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Ok atm am got a fresh account am ranking it up on every playlist, but I decide to work lonewolves. I know you can't do the language boost thing no more, but can I use this acount as a loosing account always go to 6th place once I get it a 47 legit with alot of exp so it won't derank so fast in. Then on my other account which is crappy but has a one year and is a 10 th pretiage on cod4. Can I I let my friend in real life recover the booster and get you guys that are 44-50 on lw to join the boosting. But one thing I wanna get 1st all the time on my one year account so I get it a 50. Then I derank it for you guys that are around the 44-50 rank on lonewolves. Is there a way.
Replay back ty

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You can just search with your 2 accounts, it'd be a lot faster/easier. You can change your language to mexican and prefer language and you should have no problems. Or you can be smart and use a firewall. However, you can't do this more than 4 or 5 games in a row. If you play 2 legit games every 2 games of doing this, it should work till you get 50. Or you can get a second losing account :smile:
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