hitachi flashing problem

Discussion in 'Xbox 360' started by MunneY, Dec 12, 2008 with 0 replies and 299 views.

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  1. MunneY

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    ok, i've been trying for the past 3 or so hours to figure out whats wrong... im tryin to flash my 0078fk hitachi drive, using the via chipset pci card and slax 2.1... i can get the drive into mode b, and then when i reboot my computer sticks at the bios screen... wont load windows, i can shutdown and restart, same thing, if i turn the xbox off and then try to restart it loads up just fine...

    anyone encountered this???? its getting really frustrating and im about fed up

    hey just realized i put this in the wrong place... someone delete please

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Thread Status:
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