Solved Hitachi 79 FL flashing problem...

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Hey guys, I've flashed a buncha drives including Hitachis but never a 79.
So I got one to flash today, yay for me. So I hooked it up, booted slax and got it into mode B no problem. ( btw i did burn the unlock CD ) When I rebooted and started JF up, I put in the Unlock disk, and well, clicked unlock. The JF log reports a succesful unlock, but then when I click dump drive to get it's original firmware, it tells me this...:
Rom version unidentified, aborting...
And it doesnt dump/flash or do anything.
The drive IS in mode B, it IS set up as a 79 and the right drive IS selected...
What could my problem be? I really can't figure this one out... I'm thinking my unlock cd wasn't burned right, I burned using clone CD and i burnt the .BIN file.
Can I usea reg DVD instead of CD's, ? I can't seem to be able to find and CD's in my house anymore but I got a spindle of DVDs...
Well thanks in advance, and any help is appreciated:smile:


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I am talking about putting a DVD Movie in the drive while trying to read it.
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Hmm.. I'll try.

Same thing :frown:
Heres the log..

JungleFlasher 0.1.66 Beta
Session Started Sun Nov 08 18:32:43 2009

This is a 32 bit process running on a 32 bit CPU
PortIO is installed and running.
Found 4 I/O Ports.
Found 1 Com Ports.
Found 6 windows drives A: C: D: E: F: Z:
Found 3 CD/DVD drives D: E: F:

Playing 79Unlock Audio CD
Pausing 79Unlock Audio CD, after 500mS
Ejecting 79Unlock Audio CD
Setting bit 3 @ 0x5BD
Executing code in Ram
Dumping f/w of Hitachi 0078/0079 by Ram Upload Method via WIN32 API
Stopping the Disk - No disk is required, remove next time...
Drive rev undetermined, Aborting!
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