Hitachi 47DJ windows vista?

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  1. shadowbroker

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    Hello, can someone give me some help please. I need to flash a Hitachi 47DJ drive. I rememeber doing hitachi drives well over a year ago on XP including 47DJ. but i am now on a dual boot with vista 64&32

    I can get this drive in mode B no problem with 2 wire trick, but I cant get it seen in windows. Both using the onboard nvidia sata chipset, and the VIA addon card. I even try ejectng the drive open and close when vista is loading up. but the drive is not in device manager at all.

    Do i need to do this under windows XP only?

    anyone have any advice, i been at this 2 hours now with no joy.:? :cursing:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.